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From 20. November to 23. November 2024

We are already looking forward to the Christmas Sessions 2024

This year will certainly be another unforgettable concert evening with Max Giesinger, Earth Wind & Fire Experience by AL McKay, Philipp Fankhauser, The Spirit of Freddie Mercury and Ricchi e Poveri. 

Each of these artists has their own unique talent and will thrill the audience with their energetic performances. 
Max Giesinger's hits like "80 Millionen" to the global hits of Earth Wind & Fire Experience by Al McKay, it will be a musical journey full of groovy rhythms and positive vibes. Philipp Fankhauser and his band will bring the most popular songs of the past decades to life and "The Spirit of Freddie Mercury" will take us back in time to the Queen era. 
Ricchi e Poveri, who will enchant us with their classics such as "Sarà perché ti amo" and "Mamma Maria", will honor us on their big farewell tour.

We look forward to unforgettable concerts with you!


Dear Christmas Sessions
Fans and visitors


We are delighted to announce the line-up for the upcoming concert evenings of the Christmas Sessions 2024. Once again this year, we have great artists in our program who will provide you with unforgettable musical moments.


On Wednesday, November 20, we will start with the young newcomer Linda Elys, who will heat up the evening with her hit "House On Fire" and other catchy tunes. 


Max Giesinger has long been an established star with his German songs such as "Wenn Sie tanzt" "Hundert Millionen" and we will be able to experience him in a very special unplugged formation.


Thursday 21 November will be all about the legendary Earth, Wind & Fire Experience by founding member Al McKay, who will be performing the super hit "September", which he wrote, and many other groovy, energetic songs with his big super band.


On Friday, November 22, "The spirit of Freddie Mercurey" will present Freddie's solo hits in iconic style alongside a best of Queen.  Super musicians and a convincing singer will take us back to the magical world of Queen in sound and vision.


Philipp Fankhauser, also on Friday, probably needs no introduction. He will bring his best blues songs of the last decades to life.

Philipp Fankhauser, also on Friday, probably needs no further introduction. He will bring his best blues songs from the last few decades to life.


On Saturday, November 23, the immortal I Ricchi e Poveri will offer us all their super hits on their farewell tour, along with Mamma Maria. Who doesn't know them all?  Music to sing along to even if you don't speak Italian.


Tickets for this year's Christmas Sessions are already on sale and can be booked as usual via Startickets (now SEE Tickets).


VIP tables and seats can be booked while they last at

We look forward to seeing you


“Da draussen ist so viel was wir noch nicht kennen” 

- Max Giesinger -


We proudly present an impressive program with some of the best and most famous artists on the music scene.

So be prepared for an unforgettable musical spectacle!



MI, 20.11.24


Experience Max Giesinger live on stage and let yourself be carried away by his energetic performance! The charismatic singer and songwriter will thrill you with his hits such as "80 Millionen", "Legenden" and "Wenn sie tanzt".


Look forward to an unforgettable concert evening full of emotions and musical highlights. Max Giesinger knows how to inspire the audience with his unique voice and his authentic manner. Sing his best-known songs together with thousands of fans and let yourself be inspired by the positive atmosphere.

Earth, Wind & Fire Experience by Al McKay_small.jpg

DO, 21.11.24


Look forward to an unforgettable night full of groovy rhythms and infectious melodies! Earth, Wind & Fire, the legendary band that has been shaping the music scene since the 1970s, is finally coming back on tour! Let yourself be carried away by their unique mix of funk, soul, R&B and pop and immerse yourself in a world full of energy and positive vibes.

Al Mckay pr .jpg

FR, 22.11.24



The Spirit of Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury was one of the most dazzling rock singers and personalities in music history.


He filled the biggest stadiums in the world and thrilled audiences with his compositions of rock and theatricality. More than almost any other figure in rock 'n' roll history, Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of the band Queen, stands for extravagance and the really big performance.


"The Spirit of Freddie Mercury" offers an extravagant stage show with top international singers. World-class style imitations and Queen Sensation, one of the best Queen tribute bands in the world, bring the artist, singer and man "Freddie Mercury" to life!


"When we started out, Mercury lived in an almost insurmountable dichotomy, on the one hand the shy boy Farrokh Bulsara, on the other hand already slumbering in him what he later called the extroverted monster, the Freddie Mercury we all knew later."

Roger Taylor, drummer of Queen in the Mercury biography by Lesley Anne Jones.

Three Times Twenty-3000x3000px.jpg

FR, 22.11.24


Philipp Fankhauser and his famous band bring the most popular and best-known songs of the last decades back to the stage!

"Sunday Morning", "Too Little Too Late", "Love Man Riding", "Lonely In This Town", "Please Come On Home", "Try My Love", "Members Only", "Blues Ain't Nothing", "I'm Finished Here" and "Watching From The Safe Side" are just some of the songs that have achieved gold and platinum status on the albums "Watching From The Safe Side", "Love Man Riding" and "Try My Love". "We are all looking forward to these and many more songs! They are timeless and come from an intense and extremely happy time."

SA, 23.11.24

Ricchi e Poveri 02 official ph Amilcare Incalza.jpg


Discover the unique music of Ricchi e Poveri! The legendary band has inspired generations with their catchy melodies and rousing rhythms. Their timeless hits such as "Sarà perché ti amo" and "Mamma Maria" are classics that still invite you to sing and dance along today. The harmonious voices of the band members are enchanting and create an unmistakable atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the world of Ricchi e Poveri and let yourself be seduced by their music. Their melodies will make you dream and dance. Ricchi e Poveri - the legends of music!






We look forward to welcoming you again this year in the beautifully decorated Kongresshaus and to providing you with unforgettable musical moments.

We are delighted.

We'll stay on the ball.

Enrico Brogini Member Christmas Sessions Team


“Most people get into bands
for three very simple rock and roll reasons:
to get laid, to get fame, and to get rich.” 

- Bob Geldof -


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